SAT and ACT Test Prep 2019

With SAT and ACT testing dates coming up it’s important for students to practice and prepare!

It’s time to sharpen those number 2 pencils and hit the books, because deadlines are approaching for the SAT and ACT testing. If there are certain subjects that students may need a little extra attention in, we can help. Our teachers can provide extensive help with math, reading comprehension, writing and problem-solving skills. Whether students plan to prepare days, weeks, or months in advance, we can help students to secure admissions into college. SAT and ACT testing are important for college eligibility and may be helpful to students who may have a lower GPA. Standardized testing scores that are higher will increase a student’s chances of being accepted into their dream school by helping their applications stand out.

ACT stands for American College Testing, and is quite similar to the SAT test but differs in content and writing structure. Just like the SAT test, the ACT will cover a series of multiple choice questions in math, English, reading, science and writing.

Depending on the college or university, scores on both tests may increase the likelihood of being accepted into certain schools. For many prestigious schools it is a requirement, and for others it will be a competitive advantage. There is also the possibility of scholarships to be granted for students who apply for them.

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Let us help you prepare!