The student  with  Visual Processing  Disorder  has problems processing  signals  that  come  in through  the  eyes. There may  be difficulty with visual  discrimination between two images or between an image  and  its background  (visual  figure-ground discrimination).  

Visual  Processing Disorder  may  affect visual  sequencing, causing the  student to  skip  lines while  reading  or to reverse numbers. The student may have difficulty with visual-motor processing,   over-reaching for  objects,  knocking things  over unintentionally.     

 Long and  short  term visual  memory  may be  impaired  and  the  student may  not  recall what  was  seen or  read. There  may be  visual-spatial  difficulties affecting  the  way the student  perceives  how close  or  how far  objects  are in  relation  to one  another.     

Visual  closure may  also  be impaired,  presenting  difficulties with  ‘filling  in the  blanks’ tests  and with  identifying  images in which  a  part of  an  object is  missing.  Reversal of letters and symbols is also common  with Visual Processing  Disorder. 

Educational programs that accommodate and compensate for the learning differences of these students are required.  

Lear Educational Center provides tutoring designed to meet their individual needs, including structured time strategies and techniques. 

Our programs foster enthusiasm, comprehension and retention. They feature: 

  • Multi-sensory teaching (sight, hearing, touch and movement) to encourage and maintain interest.

  • Visual, spoken and written explanations of concepts which assist the students to image and verbalize the reasoning of the concept.

  • Gradual introduction of new concepts and skills with frequent review so as to enhance recollection of prior learning and promote mastery of basics.

  • An emphasis on comprehension and retention so that students can effectively progress through more complex levels.

  • Introduction of strategies which the student can use to meet the learning challenges of today as well as the classroom challenges of tomorrow.

We use programs that are widely acclaimed for their success in teaching students with learning differences. These programs include Lindamood-Bell, Saxon, Wilson and Orton-Gillingham. 


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