SAT Test Day

After you have registered for your ACT and SAT exam you will want to make sure you are prepared before testing

Be sure to….

  • Get test locations and addresses in order to plan your travel time

  • Eat a balanced breakfast

  • Print your admission ticket

  • Take multiple #2 pencils

  • Bring a calculator that meets testing guidelines

  • Have a valid photo ID

What to Expect….

Expect to be on time

  • If you arrive after testing begins, you will not be permitted to enter testing facilities and will have to reschedule.

Leave electronics behind

  • The staff can confiscate your phone or can even cancel testing scores if it’s in use during testing.

How long is testing?

  • Testing will be between 3 and 4 hours depending on whether you choose to do the essay portion.


  • There will be breaks in between sections of the test to snack, stretch or take a bathroom break.


  • Calculators will be permitted but only during designated portions of the test and have to be within testing guidelines.

For a list of rules and testing policies: