Focus, Foundation, Forward with Confidence for Students with ADHD or EFD


During the long summer vacation, students on average lose 20% of their prior learning. Students who have learning differences may find it more difficult to recoup this lost learning.  Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and those with Executive Function Disorder (EFD) most often experience a slide-back of organizational habits, study skills, time management, self-starting patterns and self-discipline as well as the percentage of prior learning.  

Students with ADHD and those with EFD usually have difficulty regulating themselves, focusing, and completing activities. After having enjoyed a few months of free time, the return to the schedule, structure, and demands of school presents a significant challenge.  Adapting to the classroom routine itself, in addition to grasping new knowledge, can be especially difficult and frustrating.  

A strong foundational knowledge base helps to make the behavioral transition easier.  It fosters confidence, focus, participation and achievement.  Lack of a strong foundational knowledge base makes it difficult to pay attention and may lead to being lost in class. Being lost leads to mind-wandering, further bewilderment, and frustration.    

Students who have reviewed their prior learning and who have filled in their knowledge gaps are more interested in the new material.  They pay closer attention.  Because they understand the basics, they can more readily make the connection between what they learned previously and the new material to be learned. They are better able to ask questions so that they keep pace with the class. 

Having grasped the day’s lesson, these students with strong foundational knowledge can do their homework more easily, reinforcing what they learned in class as well as their self-regulation strengths for meeting daily achievement goals. The satisfaction of having followed through to meet after-school expectations on a regular basis helps in growing patterns of self-discipline, concentration, and time management. Having control over focus and behavior gives the student a sense of achievement and enhanced self-confidence that he is ready to return to class the next day.  

Lear Educational Center provides tutoring designed to meet the individual needs of students. We interface with schools, working with the curriculum appropriate for each student to bring him up to grade level and to advance.  We accommodate and compensate for learning differences, helping students meet IEP and remediation goals.   We also teach study skills, learning strategies and techniques which help students meet the classroom challenges of today and those of tomorrow.