Organization Checklist for Students with EFD & ADHD

If a student is having difficulty with ADHD or Executive Function Disorder there are many ways to help get them organized both in the classroom and at home. While getting focused doesn’t come easy with these learning differences, there are some small, yet valuable things you can do to assist them in learning information and to help them stay on schedule.

Here is a list of learning tools that may be helpful for students with EFD or ADHD:

  1. Get an agenda book - An agenda book will help give a visual presentation of their daily tasks

  2. Calendars- Organize deadlines, dates, and assignments

  3. Dry erase board- Can be used to formulate check lists of chores and daily duties

  4. Audible Learning- Audible learning tools such as books and assignments they can listen to

  5. Flash Cards- Use flashcards so they can visualize the information they have heard or read

  6. Write it down- Have the student recall small sections of reading material by summarizing each paragraph or main idea

  7. Diagrams - Formulate and visualize content

  8. Quizzes- A short quiz after reading will help the student recall important highlights of recent reading mat