College Admission Testing and Maximizing High School Achievement

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Standardized college admission testing is ahead! It's time to prepare to help ensure acceptance by the school of your student's choice. Reviewing, refining and refreshing knowledge also helps to ensure your student's classroom success during the school year as well, boosting that all-important GPA.  

The student’s high school grade point achievement is a major factor considered by colleges.  High school students are called upon to do more independent learning, such as they will be doing in college.  This requires a strong knowledge base and solid study skills for success.  

At Lear Educational Center, we provide test preparation for the American College Testing (ACT) exam, the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and other standardized tests. Some colleges require both SAT and ACT scores, some neither, some request one or the other.  Yet all colleges consider the scores, making test results a key component in the evaluation of the student’s application.  Performing well in the standardized tests is especially important for the student with a lower grade point average who seeks college admission.  

Our tutoring is individualized, directed toward filling in gaps in the student’s learning as well as comprehensively reviewing the academic material that will be tested.   We help our students develop proficiency in reading, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, writing, math, study skills, and test-taking strategies.  In addition, the student gains a working knowledge of the format and typical content of the specific test as we work with practice tests.  

We also teach and reinforce effective learning techniques, knowledge retention strategies, time management methods, and organizational skills.

 We provide motivation and guidance as our students systematically gain and review knowledge, and increase their confidence to do well on the standardized tests.

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 Lear Educational Center provides tutoring designed to meet the individual needs of students on all levels, from elementary through college level educational support.  We interface with schools, working with the curriculum appropriate for each student. We accommodate and compensate for learning differences, helping students meet IEP and remediation goals. We also teach study skills, learning strategies and techniques which help students meet the classroom challenges of today and those of tomorrow.