Confidence, Enthusiasm, Readiness in that backpack!


New learning is a few weeks away.  Now is the time for your student to work on recouping the knowledge lost during this long vacation. Students on average lose 20% of prior learning over the summer.  Students who have reviewed, re-learned and filled gaps in prior foundational knowledge are better able to pay attention to new learning.  Students who have strong foundational knowledge can readily make the connections with new material and move forward.  They're more interested because they understand.  They're better able to focus, participate and to ask questions before they become bewildered.  Confidence fuels motivation, energy and enthusiasm.  

The student promoted having achieved a C or lower needs to fill in learning gaps and to clear up any confusion to ensure readiness for success in the coming year.  These students most often lack confidence and may even dread the coming of September.  

Being scholastically ready and confident also allows the student to be more at ease in social relationships.  In addition, sharpened learning skills help with meeting study and homework obligations more efficiently.  This allows the student more time to participate in extra-curricular activities. 

Whether primary, middle, high school or college awaits, being scholastically ready provides needed confidence and greatly improves the student’s ability to learn the new material that will be presented.  

We’re here to help! Lear Educational Center provides tutoring designed to meet the individual needs of students on all levels, from elementary through college-level educational support.  

We interface with schools, working with the curriculum appropriate for each student to bring him up to grade level and to advance.  We accommodate and compensate for learning differences, helping students meet IEP and remediation goals.   We also teach study skills, learning strategies and techniques which help students meet the classroom challenges of today and those of tomorrow.