Individualized Instruction – Maximizing Potential

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Some students may require teaching approaches that vary from the traditional classroom instruction. 

Some students have learning differences which make it difficult to grasp the material to be learned unless it is presented in a specialized manner.  There are students who readily become distracted by the other students, missing the words of the teacher.  They then often are reluctant to ask questions, feeling sheepish about their having been distracted.  Some students who are lost even after having paid close attention are embarrassed to ask for further explanation in front of their peers. There are students who become bewildered because they have missed many classes due to illness.  

As the school year progresses, these students struggle to be promoted.  As the new school year approaches, they may become increasingly nervous knowing that the classwork ahead will be even more difficult. This stress can sap their confidence and turn back-to-school enthusiasm into dread.  

Catching up, keeping up, and moving ahead often requires individualized instruction in a supportive one-to-one situation.  

At Lear Educational Center, the student’s individual needs are assessed and material to be learned is presented using methods accommodating those needs.  Strategies for effective studying to enable learning also are introduced to the student.  

In this comfortable, personalized environment, the student actively participates in his educational program, which motivates him to maintain interest and to persevere. Ongoing assessment of progress and review of the material to be learned lead to the achievement of mastery and retention before moving on to a new concept.  This building of a solid foundation enhances the student’s self-esteem and self-confidence to learn the next level’s material.  

At Lear Educational Center, we specialize in teaching students with learning differences, interfacing with schools to meet IEP and remediation goals.  We use the widely acclaimed Wilson Reading System© to teach reading, spelling and comprehension so that students can best understand and retain what they read.