Maximizing Potential – Catching up to Move Ahead


Many parents are told that their children can do better in school; that they aren’t living up to their potential.  Often these students are trying their best, but they are stuck.  They are unable to keep up with their class because they need to catch up first.  They can’t catch up without help.  

It’s not unusual for students to fall behind because they didn’t understand key concepts when they were taught in class.  The students may have completed their homework, doing it incorrectly, reinforcing mistakes, and not understanding why their answers were wrong.  They might have been reluctant to call attention to themselves by asking for repeat explanations.  They might have passed a unit quiz, but with a poor mark.  New teaching presented in class would have been built upon the foundational knowledge that these students lack, leaving the students even more lost.   

It’s difficult to pay attention in class when a connection cannot be made between what has already been learned and what is being newly taught.  When the students are unable to follow the lesson, most often they don’t know enough about the material to participate or to ask questions.  Mind wandering may occur or disruptive behavior may be brought on by frustration and boredom.  

Bewilderment and confusion grow, as well as discouragement and a sense of defeat.  Without self-confidence and enthusiasm, these students may be reluctant to set their sights on achievement throughout the rest of their school year, needlessly missing many opportunities.  

Lear Educational Center is here to help students maximize their potential.  We provide supportive one-to-one individualized academic tutoring on all levels, primary through college, for most subjects. 

We interface with schools, working with the curriculum appropriate for each student.  We specialize in teaching students with learning differences, helping them meet IEP and remediation goals. 

We also provide test preparation for ACT, PSAT, SAT and other standardized tests. Our students learn study skills and strategies so that they can meet the classroom challenges of today and those of tomorrow.

Lear Educational Center - providing tutoring services to students from Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and the Greater Lehigh Valley since 2000