The Wilson Reading and Language System

What a great program! The Wilson Program is by far one of the best programs available to teach non-reading and poor reading individuals to read and spell. At the Lear Educational Center we combine the Wilson System with a powerhouse comprehension program by Lindamood-Bell for enhanced processing.

The Wilson Program is based on the Orton-Gillingham philosophy of learning to read: This program has been around for many years and is still used today. Barbara Wilson took this program, redesigned and enhanced it, to create a program that builds a student’s self esteem and skill mastery, quickly.

Multi-Sensory:The students learn by hearing, speaking and repeating, handling cards and tiles and perform finger tapping. Spelling is supported with the same multi-sensory instruction and has an added written exam. Students are regularly reinforced and the students are assessed for accuracy and mastery of skills.

Sequenced in 74 lessons that make learning easier:There are 12 books which have 4 to 5 lessons in each book. These small lessons add up to a lot of knowledge and through these lessons the student learn all there is to know about learning to read and spell.

Phonics and Syllable based:The students learn very carefully spoken sounds needed to read and spell the English language. Then, the students learn the six syllables or patterns of the sounds, called orthographics, which tells them what sounds to make and when.

Fluency:is stressed during all lessons providing for better skill foundation for independent reading and improved comprehension.

Vocabulary building:All books include vocabulary building lessons to encourage skill building for comprehension and writing.

Organizational skills:The way the lessons and assessments are instructed Organizational skills are enhanced in not only reading but in notebook maintenance.

At the Lear Educational Center we combine the Wilson Program with other programs that meet the specific needs of each individual. This may include the Lindamood-Bell programs for Auditory Processing Difficulty and various programs to enhance memory.

We believe in working as a team and request that students practice every day. Parents are encouraged to participate in this practice with the materials provided.